Beautiful and Bespoke Services and Celebrations


Jane Antrobus

"The Rochdale Celebrant"

I Create & DELIVER HEARTFELT ceremonies just for you, throughout Lancashire, cheshire, Manchester and the UK. 

you deserve a beautiful and bespoke ceremony to be the heart of any of your key life events.

We will work together to make it unique and just perfect thats my promise to you




You deserve the best for your most memorable occasion and "Woodside Celebrants" will provide just that, with or without any reference to religion. That is simply - your personal choice,

Don't settle for a "cut and paste" service. I will ensure that the music, the words, the poetry and every other part of the ceremony is just what you want and is bespoke to you.

Your service will be a truly memorable occasion for you, your family and all your guests. Whatever your wishes, I shall endeavour to fulfil them by making your special day - extra special. - IT WILL BE #YOURDAY #YOURWAY

Start of Life

Naming Ceremonies

Other Celebrations

(new children joining the family)

Start of Life

Joining of Life


Renewal of Vows


Sand Ceremonies

Joining of Life

End of Life

Funerals / Celebrations of Life

Memorial & Ashes Ceremonies

Pet Funerals

End of Life