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"A Celebrants Story"

25th January 2021

Hello Everyone 

I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you to HELP YOU stay positive in these unprecedented times of lockdown, uncertainty & isolation.

There will be better times ahead, so lets get together and have a zoom chat and start planning .....

A Celebrants story .....

Let me introduce myself I am Jane Antrobus a trained and experienced “Independent Celebrant” trained by and afflicated to the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants (FOIC)

Now I know some of you are thinking, “What’s she taking about? What is a Celebrant?

Well I officiate services, ceremonies & CELebrations and will work with you to create and deliver a beautiful and bespoke ceremony to be the heart of any of your key life events …..

Start of Life – What about a baby naming ceremony at the place of your choice. Or a lovely ceremony to welcome a new child born into your family, or following a successful adoption for instance. Your ceremony will be special and unique and an alternative to a “Christening” if you are not particularly religious. Your child will have “Promise Parents”, and your ceremony, will certainly be remembered, by your family and all your guests.

Joining of Life - “Love is in the air”

This should convince you that you deserve a “Celebrant Wedding” to make your Special Day, fun unique & one everyone will remember...

There is much to consider and organise as you approach your big day, but have you given any thought to the most significant words you will ever say to one another?

Many couples get caught up in all the other aspects, such as flowers, the dress, make up, photos, cars, cake and so on that they don’t give enough time to consider their options when it comes to the actually ceremony itself.

Do you really want to be saying words that you’re told to say? Or have the same ceremony that the last couple had just a couple of hours ago in the next town?

Do you want to say to your intended all those romantic thoughts and feelings that make this day so important? You know, those words that say just why you love each other, how much you love each other, what today really means to you both?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions (and why wouldn’t you?), then you need a Celebrant Wedding.

There is so much choice and flexibility available to you that you probably don’t even know about, so if you want everyone really interested and listening to your ceremony, and if you want special symbolic items weaving into it, then you need to choose your Celebrant. Let me set the scene by telling your individual “Love Story”.

What about a “Hand Fasting” after your ring exchange, using beautiful coloured ribbons with each ribbons having significant meaning (that is an old tradition and where the phrase “tying the knot” comes from)

Choosing a Celebrant has so many advantages – you will have no restrictions on location, content, timing, and we only officiate at one ceremony a day, so absolutely no clock-watching or rushing you if you are running slightly schedule .

You can have your ceremony anywhere you choose – in the open air, on your favourite beach, in a forest clearing, in your back garden; it’s totally up to you to make it

#YourDay #YourWay

The only restriction is “your imagination”.

There really is an alternative other than a Church Wedding, Register Office or Registrar coming out to a licenced Wedding venue .

So if you fancy a beautiful, quirky & unique Wedding Ceremony or Vow Renewal then contact me for a no obligation chat, and make your ceremony “the heart of your day”.

End of Life – When A loved one passes then it is time to celebrate that life with a service that is fitting to the individual and reflects their true spirit and personally.

I will help, advice and support you at the time when you need someone most.

Together we will chat about your departed loved one’s wishes and life story, to create that perfect “Celebration of a life well lived”, whether that is a burial, cremation, memorial or “Ashes Ceremony’. This can include any religious elements or not – the choice is yours.

Thanks for reading this article designed to raise awareness of “Celebrancy in the UK”

stay safe folks

jane x

Jane Antrobus

“Woodside Celebrants”